Magic Brain info

2008-12-14 03:55:21 by MagicBrainFarm

Magic Brain Farm makes songs for retards to dance and sing to! We are basicly like The Left to Right album, if Left to Rights was beaten with a silly stick and force fed dog food.
Here are our influences:
Uncle Daddy, The Tuesday Tickler, Sister Fiddler, Grandpa Willy, Hugo, Steve the sodomizer, Becky the cocksucker, Angels in the outfield, Fartin Rudy, Baby Uncle Bro, Creepy uncle's everywhere, strange, rude and crude humor, Antoine Glands and the 1979 Lakers, Sister Fister, Jim Norton jokes, Wesley Willis, The Left Rights album, Debby does denver, Boy meets World, Jack Offenski, MonstrBayttz, Buttsteak, Mommybeatsme, Mister Fister, Daddies daily beatings, Don Hooker, Mommies drinking problems, Daddies coke and herion addiction, PFFR, Wonder Showzen, Michael Kuntkicker and the Kuntkicker Nation, Master of bation, Rusty Harden's Drunk Slut Party Bonanza, poo poo jokes, abortion jokes, Angry lesbian midget porn, Juan Bonjovy @ Mexican Career College, Big Jim and Hoss, Mexican mustache rides, and god.